Computer Architecture Lesson 1: Bits and Bytes Lesson Page: This computer architecture tutorial explains the basic elements of co…

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  1. Shorty20122012 says:

    I guess this video is useful as a look over of the subject after you’ve
    studied it closely on your own. =/

  2. Ømara dhona says:

    thank you, i was searching for lessons like this

  3. PwrXenon says:

    Subbed :)

  4. Soha J. Odah says:

    at last I understand what is 0x before any hex number means I’ve seen it a
    lot but never understood what it means Big Like :) God Bless You

  5. taufiq1991 says:

    i think its done by a group of people

  6. Hans Luter says:

    alter ernsthaft? ;(

  7. MRTOWELRACK says:

    Hey this video was uploaded on my birthday. I’m giving it a like.

  8. xoaxdotnet says:

    @kdmq You’re right! Thank you for the correction!

  9. insomniacgrace says:

    Thanks for this very useful and helpful lecture. SO informative and

  10. schlynn says:

    100000000000000000000000 is 1mb in binary.

  11. moneycash1965 says:

    Capitalist System In The Free World

  12. purplexenno says:

    @TheDTheory you book sucks. The reason it’s 8 bits to a byte has to do with
    logical space. When you do a calculation you need someplace to put those
    numbers, hence memory. So, memory must be able to handle binary “sets” that
    make up numbers. That 1 or 0 only needs one place in memory so we call it a
    bit. Which stands for binary digit. Early machines were 8 bit machines,
    (that would be a hardware limitation) so 8 bits make up a byte. each byte
    is made up of 2 nibbles, each nibble is 4 bits.

  13. Vinicius Machado says:

    congratulations!!!!!!! u r the most stupid person on the earth :)

  14. schlynn says:

    i thought that in, for example, the x86 CPU, the segment address was five
    digits. And the offset address is still 4 digits.

  15. GillianEve says:

    2^3 = 6 !!!

  16. purplexenno says:

    @TheDTheory do when you see a binary number like 0010 0010 1100 0010, they
    are divided into nibbles. Two nibbles make up your byte. Depending on the
    system and programmer you may be using a short or long in the software
    which means that a short is usually 16 bytes, while a long is 64 bytes and
    an int is 32 (almost forgot the int.)

  17. MrPieeater1234 says:

    haha computer scientists took a nibble out of a byte :)

  18. JakeOfAllTrades17 says:

    This is GREAT.

  19. delta13dek says:

    What the hell was that!

  20. Ilian Kulishev says:

    Wonder how it was decided that 8 bits = 1 byte… How did they come with
    that standard?

  21. xo blackout says:

    i hate my computer class.

  22. ThirdOfJune4444 says:

    @TheDTheory Well said my friend! I wish instructors, professors, and
    teachers had your common sense and the ability to explain things that are
    complex…at least to thick-headed people such as myself. :-) Wish you had
    been my high school teacher, I may have passed with a more decent grade.
    I’m not saying I’m stupid or unable to learn, but we all learn at different
    paces in different ways. This video may as well been explained in Japanese
    as far as I’m concerned…would not have made a diff.

  23. ThirdOfJune4444 says:

    You lost me at binary switches. This is why I failed basic accounting &
    math level 3 in high school. Some people have a knack for this, some don’t.

  24. Enderman Hunter says:

    I am quite young and have been selected by my school system to represent
    them in a leadership program in Washington DC, and these lessons are really
    helping me learn computer basics, as my goal is to be a computer scientist

  25. KayKay0011223344 says:

    This video is not the best i have ever seen… :/

  26. melanie0429 says:

    char… kuyawag tingog oi…

  27. Margel Dalangin says:

    @SuperGomburza problema na na nimuh . hahaha

  28. SuperGomburza says:

    pangitag tingog nmu magx oi !!!

  29. davejhonvosotros says:

    nice gud cya magx :)

  30. Christopher Obenza says:

    good it

  31. Margel Dalangin says:

    @davejhonvosotros lamat dave :)

  32. Margel Dalangin says:

    @cube101 tnx :)

  33. davejhonvosotros says:

    @mageey0017 ur welcome :)

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